About us

Saksham E solution ,

A company who got birth after a small beginning by a dedicated brave , rebellious boy decided to not choose  his own family business .

Boy always thought he wants to use his knowledge creatively to build , create , design some thing . Boy had engineering degree but no job . He got frustated searching for job , it was not because he was not good student or not good in marks . He was average but highly motivated to do something different in field what he has learned . Unfortunately , His degree din’t helped him land a job initially . His family had business background , hence being greatly dejected from companies and feeling low in front of his own family he decided to start a small work any thing that would be . He was electronics engineer but din’t knew much what trend of IT technology was going on , One day he met his school friend , decided to do marketing for him and get projects . These projects were web designing projects . his friend was from jaipur , he just came jodhpur and boy and his friend decided to work .In some days boy got one order , then both sat together and started work but the friend din’t even started the work and went back to jaipur telling he will come back in one two days . But his friend din’t returned . finally , boy decided to read html ,css , php himself , worked for 3 days on it then got one another friend and asked him to finish it .
finally delivered that project at Loss .
Then the journey began and Boy  decided to work in web designing and development field , this gave birth to a small beginning VIKAS INDIA TECHNOLOGIES , after that beginning boy never looked back after developing his own ecommerce running all over india , working for foreign clients . Doing all on its own , gained all knowledge.
Then in just two years SAKSHAM E  Solution took birth , Its Aim is to delivery software services , software products , that makes life style , working and  interest of person.
We are in Ecommerce , Mobile applications  , Web applications , Desktop applications , Wearable apps  .

Hiring our Team for your product ,will add new successful chapter for Our client .