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The speed at which you can develop an SPA in Angular or React depends on the number of libraries with ready functionality that are available for your developers. Having necessary libraries on-hand lets us develop an application faster. In this regard, ReactJS has several shortcomings.

As we’ve suggested, ReactJS is suitable for developing small applications that will be extended with more functionality. React’s architecture is easier to scale than the classical MVC architecture in AngularJS. But this flexibility comes at a cost: developers must think hard about which instruments are best for a certain project. Given that React’s community – and the number of tools – are growing rapidly, choosing the right tool for a project can take some time.

Speed of development with React and Angular

Let’s consider several concrete examples of this disadvantage. ReactJS is always coupled with Flux library to create an app’s structure. And since the developer of ReactJS only suggests an approach to app architecture, there are now countless Flux implementations: Redux, Fluxx, Reflux, Fluxible, Fluxy, etc. It’s rarely evident straightaway which of these is best for a given task. Here’s another example: developers have to choose among multiple build tools, including Webpack, Browserify, and RequireJS. Oh – and we also need a JavaScript preprocessor. We could go with TypeScript, LiveScript, CoffeeScript, or Babel. And do we need to test our app? Surely, that’s important as well! So let’s choose among Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Ava, and Tape.

This list of ReactJS libraries is hardly comprehensive. Having choices is generally a good thing, but at the first stage of app development it may be a bit difficult to figure out the best options. With AngularJS, everything is much simpler: we just add a library to our dependencies and start working instantly. In addition, AngularJS offers some valuable features in the standard package. For example, it’s preconfigured with Karma for testing purposes.

In short, starting to develop an app in Angular is definitely faster than in React. However, we should add that AngularJS also requires some libraries to address certain issues such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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