Website designing

web developer designer in india

Web designing is creative process. Saksham E solution , Web designer has good understanding of color combination , latest design standards , Good analytical skills , sharp observation skills help Designer’s to Excell and make Saksham E solution Unique to stand different in crowd of today’s industry.

Process of Web design is not really complicated but envolves a great oberservation , good understanding of client’s needs .

We spend our major of time in understanding client’s requirements and planning for the design of client’s site . This involves continuous communication with client , meeting client , having meeting with coffee.

Any Designing work is never ending process , As Design always has scope of improvement . Every time we keep in mind , what is in clients mine , so that we can satisfy this dream design .

Most of the times its really difficult to understand client’s need and even client is also unsure . In that case , we create demo design from our side to present it to client how his or her web design look .

Demo’s are present in two ways :

first is showing demo of just simple Photo shop or coral or any designing software designed design .

Second way is to create functionally , html ,css , jquery  demo design .

Both the design demo’s have unique impact on clients understanding , Once if we are planning to understand clients color choice and arrangement of things in a website , we mainly choose first method .

If we are planning to show something real , close to real website with web technology , functional then we choose html ,css , jquery demo . this is only done when we mostly know color choice of client and block arrangement in design .

Generally second method is choosen once first way is done already .

” Web design is continous evolving process ” .

” Design trends changes , Stay updated with Saksham E solution  “